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The iHand30 hand-held controller is a professional data collector, based on the Android system. Using a combination of physical buttons and touch screen to operate, the default input languages are Chinese and English, and it supports multiple languages. The industrial-standard design can withstand 1.2 meters drop to a cement floor, is IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard to adapt to a complex operating environment. At the same time, the super capacity lithium battery can handle all weather requirements.
 The iHand30 hand-held controller configs 3.7 inches 640 * 480 highlighted LCD; 1.5GHZ, quad-core 64-bit CPU; and 16GB ROM 2 GB RAM memory. It has a built-in Micro SD card slot, and maximum support 128GB expansion card (it only supports FAT32 format SD card, the NTFS format SD card can not be supported); dual card dual stand-by, and supports the entire 4G network. With the Android 6.0 operating system, the interface is optimized and easy to use.



Key Features
1. Industrial-standard design, with IP67 it can withstand a 1.2 meters drop to a cement floor and adapt to a complex operating environment.
2. Highlighted LCD, the LCD screen is normally readable under strong sunlight.
3. Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G,which is convenient to carry out a variety of wireless data transmissions with the receiver. Wi-Fi and 4G can be used at the same time. Refer to the Hi-Survey Road Software User’s Guide for more details.
4. Internal 8 million pixel camera: for field collection of image information.
5. Internal removable large capacity lithium battery for more than 15 hours of work.
6. Internal NFC chip, supports NFC data transmission for a rapid connection between the RTK and hand-held controller.
7. Fast charge technology: for a rapid battery charge.
8. Full keyboard input method.
9. Local online upgrade to facilitate quick changes.
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